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Training Survey

Please help us tailor the trainings to your needs.
Consider the topics below and rate them on a scale of 1 – 5 based on how important the subject is to cover.
Naming and marketing the team
Team membership (primary and secondary members)
Documentation best practices—dos and don’ts
Understanding student conduct and BIT intersections
The role (and limitations) of clinical counselors
Mandated assessment and treatment
Faculty and staff discussed as BIT cases
Parental involvement—the risks and benefits of enlisting parents or guardians
Managing chronic behaviors related to mental illness
Case management and the BIT/CARE model
When (and how) to close a case
The difference between mandated assessment and mandated treatment
Violence risk assessment—foundational concepts of threats
Violence risk assessment—focus on social media and written content
Addressing student alcohol and drug use via the BIT/CARE
End of semester and end of year of reports
Common legal pitfalls for a team
Successful interventions for students who are non-compliant with BIT requests
Using triage tools and assessments consistently each meeting
Addressing faculty, staff and students who feel threatened
Information sharing within the BIT (FERPA, HIPAA, state confidently law)
Bias and how it impacts our decision making on initial assessments and developing interventions
Intersectionality between BIT and Title IX processes
Sharing information outside the team with faculty and staff
Setting up a successful, effective, and efficacious team process for meetings

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