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The Importance of CARE Team Follow-up

Knowing how to use the CARE team is a  critical part of the university safety and security plan and helps students obtain access to care and support related to their academic, emotional and psychology health at the university. Join us for an informative and interactive session that will walk you through the importance of sharing concerns with the team and ensure proper follow-up with students.

Wednesday May 25, 2022 9:30 - 11:00 AM ET

Managing Mental Illness and Disruptive and Dangerous Behavior in the Classroom
Recorded May 17, 2022

This workshop covered the topic of managing mental illness concerns related to suicide, trauma, as well as addressing difficult and dangerous behavior in the classroom. The instructors addressed common challenges when working with students related to disruptive and entitled behavior, mental illness referrals, understanding the accommodation process and managing COVID and online teaching challenges.

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Mental Health Treatment

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It's Math

Not quite, we would see it differently.

We would agree.

A boy in a white shirt asks the other boy about how he did on the math test. The boy in white did well on the test and we learn the boy in blue did not. The boy white says, “Everybody is good at math, maybe you are just dumb!” The boy in the blue shirt becomes angry at the statement and raises his voice and says, “I wish you were dead!” This is a good example of a transient threat made in reaction to teasing and bullying behavior. Further follow up to explore if there were plans or a time when the white shirt boy should die would move this closer to substantive.

Threat Case Studies
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Actually Autistic Educator
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Actually Autistic Educator is a podcast hosted by Jeanne Clifton on topics related to accessibility access and issues affecting the autistic, ASD and Asperger’s community.

Autistic Communication
Labels and Language of Autism
Neurodiversity (and Other Models)

Counseling Across the Pond features David Denino and David Wilson talking about counseling issues as they related to higher education and K-12 or secondary schools in the United States and United Kingdom. In this episode, they discuss the challenge we face as students return to campus after Covid closures and as we navigate in a post-Covid world.

Our Instructors
Dr. Brian Van Brunt
Brian Van Brunt, EdD

Lead Consultant, Looking Glass Consulting and Design | Content Expert, InterACTT

Assistant Deputy Director of Training, Secure Community Network

Brian is the assistant deputy director for training at Secure Community Network and the lead content expert at InterACTT. Formerly a partner with TNG and the president of the National Association for Behavioral Intervention and Threat Assessment (NABITA), Brian has provided consulting services to schools, colleges, and universities across the country and abroad on a wide variety of topics related to student mental health, counseling, campus violence, and behavioral intervention.

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The Faculty Guide to Addressing Distruptive and Dangerous Behavior
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