International Alliance for CARE and Threat Teams
InterACTT is a collaborative group of like-minded professionals working to make your everyday work easier and more efficient. The yearly membership fee goes directly toward creating quality workshops, an interactive discussion group, and dozens of essential references to improve CARE and threat team analysis, processes, communication, documentation, assessment and intervention. The alliance website is designed with accessibility in mind to put information you need in an easy to navigate location with research and evidence-based resources.

Discussion Group

A private discussion group is provided to ask questions, learn about additional research and practices, and work to keep others safe through a collaborative, cross-disciplinary process.


We offer monthly trainings through 90-minute online video trainings (4 per year), video podcasts (4 per year) and case study discussions (4 per year). Each training includes  interactive questions, research support, case examples and a summary sheet.

Member Library

We host an extensive membership library consisting of research articles, books and whitepapers that include the original source document along with succinct, easy to digest, talking point summary documents.


InterACTT keeps a list of references for those looking to complete research related to collaborative CARE and threat assessment teams. This is a topical, annotated bibliography that helps inform training, provide support to best practices and answer questions related to on-going practice.