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Looking Glass Consulting offers over a dozen blended training modules. These are offered in two hour long training sessions with a 1-2-week break between sessions to allow participants to review case studies and apply knowledge gained during the first session. As with our in-person accreditation courses, users are given access to a customized website that includes course materials, between class assignments and supplemental readings and materials.
  • Assessing and Addressing Suicide Risk: This training will review common risk factors for suicide. We will address how to assess these factors, organize the information into a report and develop intervention plans to address risk mitigation. This course provides a simple to use process to assess suicide threat and develop a clear set of action items.
  • Assessing Social Media Threat: Assessing social media threats is a topic that we have literally written the book on in 2020. This training will review our approach to assessing social media and written threat.
  • Assessing Sexual Violence: Whether the violence in question is stalking, intimate partner violence, rape or sexual harassment, this practical course will offer detailed guidance.
  • The Art of the Interview: Topics include threat, suicide and rapport building.
  • Addressing Bias in Assessment
  • Creating Culturally Appropriate Interventions
  • Hard Conversations on Campus
  • Crisis De-escalation in the Classroom: Whether online or in-person, we address some of the approaches that work best to address concerns.
  • Crisis Communications: How to talk about crises.
  • Understanding and Stopping the rise of White Supremist Violence
  • Alone, Sad and Angry: Addressing the Incel Community
  • Assessing Physical Safety
As a commitment to the field (and a way for you to sample our training courses), we offer free course on the topic of Addressing Burnout and Stress.
Cost: Users have several options when it comes to our blended training modules.
  • Work at your own pace: You have access to the video training modules along with the supplemental materials, questions and support articles. $139 per person, $349 per team (up to 20 people). Purchase all twelve trainings for $1249 per person, $3199 per team
  • Attend a live event: Each of the trainings are offered as public live events once a year. These allow for questions, a higher degree of interactivity with the presenter(s) and a chance to train together as a team. $179 per person, $479 for team (up to 20 people). Purchase all twelve trainings for $1499 per person, $4300 per team.
  • Schedule a private live training: You may schedule a private training for your team. This is available at $1999 per topic.
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