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Looking Glass Consulting offers three in-person accreditation courses in one day formats. Courses can be combined and scheduled together. Each course comes with a detailed course packet, discussion questions, supplemental training resources and online access to the course materials page. Looking Glass is dedicated to the client experience, so start and finish times are flexible based on your needs. Most choose an 8:30-4:30 schedule with an hour break for lunch.
  • Building and Managing a Collaborative CARE Team
This course is broken up into four 90-minute modules. The instructor(s) offer practical, research-informed, evidence-based guidance on the development and improvement of a collaborative, multi-disciplinary CARE team. From understanding who is on the team to offering a clear process for running the meetings and triaging cases, this training offers clear and easy to apply advice for those looking to keep their communities safe. The training can be taught over one day or can be broken up over several weeks to allow for interactive learning exercises and instructor feedback.
  • Assessing Suicide and Threat to Others: A Clear and Evidence-Based Assessment of Risk
  • Best Approaches to Interventions: Counseling, Advising and Support
Cost: Each course is offered at $6000 for up to 25 people. Additional participants can be added at $99 per person.
At Looking Glass, we recognize budgets are a challenge and trying to sort out course fees can be difficult. We have chosen to be transparent and clear with our costs and flexible with our clients who may have unique needs (e.g., smaller or larger groups or the need for courses online rather than in-person). 
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